FASED: FPGA-Accelerated Simulation and Evaluation of DRAM

Authors: David Biancolin, Sagar Karandikar, Donggyu Kim, Jack Koenig, Andrew Waterman, Jonathan Bachrach, Krste Asanovic

In this paper we present FASED, the generator of high-fidelity, reconfigurable, FPGA-hosted, last-level cache and DRAM timing models used in FireSim.

Abstract: Recent work in FPGA-accelerated simulation of ASICs has shown that much of a simulator can be automatically generated from ASIC RTL. Alas, these works rely on simple models of the outer cache hierarchy and DRAM, as mapping ASIC RTL for these components into an FPGA fabric is too complex and resource intensive. To improve FPGA simulation model accuracy, we present FASED, a parameterized generator of composable, high-fidelity, FPGA-hosted last-level-cache and DRAM models. FASED instances are highly performant, yet they maintain timing faithfulness independently of the behavior of the host-FPGA memory system. For a given scheduling policy, a single fased instance can model nearly the entire space of realizable single-channel DDR3 memory organizations, without resynthesizing the simulator RTL. We demonstrate FASED by integrating it into a flow that automatically transforms RTL for multicore RISC-V processors into full-system simulators that execute at up to 150 target MHz on cloud-hosted FPGAs.

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Publish Date: 02/24/2019
Conference / Journal: FPGA 2019