ADEPT Lab End of Project Event

The ADEPT Laboratory started in 2017 as a 5-year research project with the goal of dramatically improving computing capability by reducing the cost and risk of designing custom silicon for new application areas.  Our integrated 5-year mission cut across applications, programming systems, architecture, and hardware design and verification methodologies.  We hope you can join us in celebrating the successes we’ve achieved on our goals as we enter the sunset of this remarkable project.

The end of project event will be on Thursday, December 9, 2021 from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  Talks will be given online, followed by an in-person reception from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM in the University Club at the California Memorial Stadium , Berkeley.  Please Note: You must be registered to attend the reception. Proof of vaccination and masks will be required.


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**Session Chair (Chipyard/Firesim): Krste Asanović**
  • 9:00am Introduction & Overview – Krste Asanović / Borivoje Nikolić
  • 9:30am Firesim – Sagar Karandikar slides
  • 9:40am Java GC on FireSim – Sagar Karandikar for Martin Maas (Google)
  • 9:45am Memory blade – Howard Mao (Google) slides
  • 9:50am Centrifuge – Jenny Huang (Nvidia) slides
  • 10:00am Chipyard – Alon Amid (Microsoft) slides
  • 10:10am Protobuf Accel – Sagar Karandikar slides
  • 10:20am Chisel/FIRRTL Verification – Kevin Laeufer, Vighnesh Iyer [slides]
  • 10:25am Testimonial – Mark Rowland/Steve Burns (Intel)
  • 10:30am BREAK
**Session Chair (Algorithms): Jim Demmel**
  • 11:00 Parallelized ML – Yang You (NUS) slides
  • 11:10 Testimonial – Jing Li (Google)
  • 11:12 Asymmetric GEMM – Vivek Bharadwaj slides
  • 11:17 Scheduling Structured Programs – Grace Dinh slides
  • 11:27 Questions
**Session Chair: Krste Asanović**
  • 11:30am Gemmini – Hasan Genc, Seah Kim slides
  • 11:45am SysTL – Gilbert Bernstein
  • 11:55am Genesis – Lisa Wu Wills (Duke University) slides
  • 12:00pm LUNCH
**Session Chair (CRAFT): Borivoje Nikolić**
  • 1:00pm DARPA Testimonial – Andreas Olofsson (zeroASIC)
  • 1:05pm CRAFT-1 Agile Development – Stevo Bailey (Amazon)
  • 1:10pm FFT Generator – Angie Wang (Apple)
  • 1:15pm Chisel DSP – Paul Rigge (Google)
  • 1:30pm Hammer – Harrison Liew slides
  • 1:40pm Eagles – Colin Schmidt(SiFive), John Wright(Amazon)
  • 2:00pm BREAK
  • 2:15pm BOOM – Chris Celio (Intel)
  • 2:20pm BROOM – Pi-Feng Chiu (Apple)
  • 2:25pm Beagle – Abe Gonzalez slides
  • 2:30pm SonicBOOM/ARGO- Jerry Zhao
  • 2:45pm Keystone – Dayeol Lee [slides]
  • 2:55pm A Formal Approach to Secure Computation – Kevin Cheang [slides]
  • 3:10pm Testimonial – Manuel Offenberg (Seagate)
  • 3:15pm Wrap – Bora & Krste
  • 3:20pm BREAK

Afternoon Reception

  • 4:00pm Open reception
  • 4:45pm Photos at sunset
  • 7:00pm END